Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

NTT ICT has simplified the asset classification and security event collection process and made it more affordable for businesses in Australia. SIEM is not only a requirement for many compliance certifications like ISO 27001 and IRAP, but is also becoming a necessity in today’s high-threat environment.

If you are facing any of these challenges:

  • Exponential increase in data volumes, user devices and sophisticated attacks making it difficult to quickly triage and allocate resources to the most urgent issues to protect your assets
  • Collecting, storing and analysing log or event data to meet compliance and audit requirements
  • Lack of skill sets or resources to fully integrate security operations and tools
  • Immature security operations and processes that exposes your systems to potential threats

NTT ICT is here to help.


The running of a SIEM system in-house can be expensive and time consuming if you’ve never implemented a it or lack the necessary skills to manage it. That’s why NTT ICT has developed different levels of services that can be tailored to suit your business budget whilst maintaining the adequate level to remain protected.

SIEM as a Service

Focus on other critical security operations and leave the management of your SIEM completely to us. Leverage our SIEM as a Service backed by a team of security specialists so you don’t have to worry about costly expenses setting it up or managing it in-house. The cost of collection and analysis of device security logs and security product event logs are based on Events per Second (EPS) which means you can avoid costly licenses and product packages with features that you don’t need.

SIEM Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

If you already have an internal security team setup to manage your security operations, NTT ICT can assist in deploying a central security event management system for security logging, analysis, and monitoring and threat identification/mitigation.

Solution features
SIEM as a Service
Deployment Tick Tick
Utility platform Rental Ownership
Software licenses Rental Ownership
Security threat reporting and alerting Tick Tick
Live threat updates Tick Tick
Centralised management console for real-time analysis and reporting Managed by NTT Managed by you
24x365 incident management Managed by NTT Managed by you


NTT ICT’s secure architecture solutions are based on ISO 27001 and IRAP provided designs that include:

  • Best practices: Architectural designs aligned with ISO 27001 and IRAP controls
  • Compliance: Ability to provide customised and predefined reports for COBIT, FISMA, GLBA, GSX-Memo22, HIPAA, NERC, PCI and SOX
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduce OpEx by collecting all event and flow data in one place and supporting a large set of vendors out-of-the-box
  • Visibility and control: Increased visibility by providing traffic anomaly detection and zero-day discovery to enable proactive actions. SIEM can also be implemented  to monitor all critical assets on the network
  • Scalability: Ability to support up to 7 million events per second per console so no matter the size of your network, NTT ICT’s can provide the best solution
  • Extensibility: Strong relationships with leading security vendors to provide best-of-breed solutions that are scalable yet cost effective
  • End-to-end solution: Intrusion Detection Software (IDS) linked to the main ingress / egress firewall integrated with our ticketing system that neatly dovetails into the Security Incident Management Process and our 24/7 dedicated local Security Operations Centre (SOC) to detect and manage intrusion attempts

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