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Julie is the General Manager of Infrastructure at NTT Communications ICT Solutions. She is an experienced manger with 30 years in the IT Industry.  Starting her career as a Field Service Engineer, moving into Sales, Sales Management before taking on the role of a Business Unit Manager.  Julie loves a challenge and has watched closely over the last 30 years the changes in the IT industry. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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Use hybrid IT tohelp your partners and suppliers transform along with you min

Use hybrid IT to help your partners and suppliers transform along with you

With cloud services exploding, however, those same businesses are finding that embracing a hybrid IT environment allows them to maintain their existing systems while tapp...[full article]

Hybrid IT More Thn Just A Stepping Stone To The Cloud2

Hybrid IT is more than just a stepping stone to the cloud

With all the enthusiasm about digital transformation (DX) and cloud architectures, it’s easy to think about the cloud as the natural end-state for enterprise computing.[full article]