The rise of multi-cloud

The rise of multi-cloud architectures has accelerated in recent years as digital transformation (DX) pressures drive organisations’ maturity from early experiments with cloud services and applications, into robust and systematic users of cloud and related private-cloud architectures.

When it comes to data and services, think globally but secure locally

  • 15 January 2019
  • IT Security
  • Managed Services

Digital transformation initiatives are adding complexity, enabling interdependencies that rely on data exchange and seamless integration of customer-service and other capabilities.Yet even as a business expands, its cybersecurity exposure expands as well. Core networks, services, and data stores each carry their own risks – which are exacerbated wh...

Not all managed security services are created equal

  • 8 January 2019
  • IT Security
  • Managed Services

Increasing recognition of the value of managed security services (MSS) has ignited spending in the sector, with managed services and cloud solutions seen as critical elements of a complete security vision. Yet without an effective threat-intelligence feed, even the best MSS solution is leaving networks unprotected.

Heightened cybercriminal activity is making IoT, SCADA and other IIoT investments riskier than ever; are you protecting your IT and OT infrastructure well enough? Developers of critical infrastructure systems never intended to build insecure operational technology (OT) systems to manage them – but that is exactly what they’ve created as utilities,...