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Where data is created and analysed for meaningful insights.

By analysing data and developing solutions at the site where the data is generated, intelligent edge reduces latency, costs, and security risks, thus making the associated business more efficient. The three major categories of intelligent edge are operational technology edges, Internet of Things edges, and information technology edges.

Why Intelligent Edge?

Using intelligent edge technology can help maximise a business’s efficiency. Instead of sending data out to a data centre or other third party, analysis is performed at the location the data is generated. Not only does this mean this analysis can be performed more quickly, but it also decreases the likelihood that the data will be intercepted or otherwise breached. Additionally, it means that businesses become much more self-contained and do not rely on potentially faulty network connections to do their work.

While upgrading to intelligent edge technology can pose significant upfront cost, the automatic analysis it performs stands to increase revenue and save money over the long term.

Here are the Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, technologies and solutions that lend themselves to creating an intelligent edge.
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A user-centric look at connectivity and app performance

Aruba User Experience Insight provides mobile user application assurance and rapid troubleshooting through easy to deploy sensors that continuously perform user-centric application testing. A simple cloud-based dashboard displays actionable network insights that are easy to understand.

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Remotely troubleshoot Wi-Fi & improve user experience.

Aruba User Experience Insight provides user-centric Wi-Fi and application assessments – helping to identify issues before users do.


Onsite. Nonstop.

Can you afford to place a network engineer and a laptop next to your employees or customers? Probably not. But you can deploy User Experience Insight Sensors. Even better, they work 24/7 and don’t take coffee breaks. (These sensors can be deployed anywhere.)

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A user-centric approach to analytics and assurance.

Gain visibility into what your users are experiencing to proactively identify Wi-Fi and application access issues before they impact the business.

End-to-end WiFi Access and Security

Aruba's end-to-end WiFi Access and Security portfolio redefines the concepts of networking and the shift from the fixed, static client-server model to a software-based approach that enables seamless and secure access to cloud-based apps from any devices, any location. The portfolio provides the scale and flexibility for the most demanding data centers, the intelligence and context-aware attributes needed for the digital workplace, with the simplicity and ease of operations designed for even the smallest business. The results are dramatically improved productivity and lower operational costs.

We support Aruba's suite of Networking products and solutions including:

Access Points

Broad range of 802.11ac wireless access points for indoors and outdoors delivering high network performance even in high-density environments.

Get the 802.11ac Reference Guide


Industry-leading scalable and secure switches designed for mobility

Learn about Aruba Switches


Application aware platform to offer centralised IP services, security and policy control

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Network Management

Management tools to provide granular visibility of the network for SMBs to large enterprises

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Make smarter operational decisions by capturing data from the network and delivering analytics 

Talk to us about Aruba Location Engine or Mobile App Analytics

Mobile First Platform

An intelligent software layer that turns connectivity into a rich experience for mobile users and actionable insights for business and IT

Read the Executive Brief

Analytics for Operational Intelligence

Aruba’s Analytics solution collects and analyses data captured from the WLAN and mobile devices to deliver analytics that help IT and business groups, of all types and sizes, make smarter operational decisions. You can better understand how your staff or customers move throughout your location and make smarter decisions that benefit your business. The portfolio also offers cloud-based analytics and high-performance WiFi built for distributed retail and public venues. By using presence analytics, you can better understand your customer behaviour.

Microsoft Office 365 & Aruba

Today's workforces are increasingly mobile, heightening the need for reliable delivery of Office 365 to end users. Yet, most Wi-Fi networks aren't up to the task. 80% of Wi-Fi networks need upgrading to handle the surge of mobile users and voice applications. Most can't detect, much less prioritise Office 365 over non-business critical applications like social media.

In both wired and wireless environment, Aruba offers a full solution that prioritises Skype for Business and Office 365 network traffic - that means fewer dropped calls, higher video quality and employees can work from anywhere.



Collaborate on the go

Whether working at home, in the office, or on the road, learn how mobile collaboration and Aruba networking solutions make it easy to be productive anytime from anywhere.

Watch the video to see how you’ll have a seamless mobile experience with fewer dropped calls, higher video quality, and better visibility into Office 365 call quality.

Better Office 365 user experience

As your workers increasingly use their mobile devices to work from wherever they are, they need a reliable office communication solution that goes with them.  And because you can’t afford to let dropped calls and inconsistent connectivity hamper their productivity, you need a network solution that gives you:

  • Seamless and secure mobile experience
  • Higher video quality
  • Fewer dropped calls

Check out the Solution Overview to learn how Aruba + Microsoft solutions help your employees stay productive on the road.  

Digital Workplace

The nature of work is changing. Collaborative environments, a mobile workforce, and the possibility of smarter spaces. You need to harness new technology - ultra-fast WiFi, the Internet of Things, and mobile Unified Communications - to move your business, and the people in it, faster than ever before.

As you move to a digital workplace, it's critical to get your IT infrastructure ready. To meet the challenges, Aruba offers an integrated and wireless portfolio, with industry-leading advances in network management, security and analytics.

> Read about Aruba's Digital Workplace Solution

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HOYTS Cinema Experience

Working with NTT ICT has allowed HOYTS to roll out a range of new customer-facing enhancements, including paperless tickets and in-cinema ordering of food and beverages supported by the Aruba wireless network. See how HOYTS is creating the Cinema of the Future with the customer and IT infrastructure at the heart of the movie experience.

“Through the Aruba WiFi technology customers can make transactions easily when they are in the cinema and have food delivered to them, further reducing the friction of a transaction and further enhancing the overall user experience. NTT ICT’s expertise in whole-of-business IT infrastructure has really helped us stay at the cutting edge of digital, create an increasingly seamless user experience in our cinemas, and keep our customers coming back for more.”
- Adam Wrightson, General Manager, HOYTS Cinema Technology Group.

> Download and read the full case study

RMIT Student Experience

As part of its strategic plan to 2020, RMIT aims to fully embrace a digital environment that makes students’ experience of the University more agile, collaborative, and impactful. Hear how RMIT leveraged Aruba technology to maintain its growing reputation amongst students for world-class digital learning.

“NTT ICT have consistently proven themselves to be practical innovators whose solutions come fit-to-purpose for our business needs. Their reputation for enabling Australian businesses to successfully grow in Asia – despite the legal and technical complexities of operating in the region’s developing markets – gave us the confidence that they could power this next stage of our digital journey.”
- Sinan Erbay, Director of Technology, RMIT.

> Download and read the full case study



Best Solution

We take a consultative approach to understand what you need for your business to assure a solution that is fit for purpose and best in class.

One-stop Shop

We offer a full end-to-end experience from consulting to design to purchase, delivery and implementation, and life-cycle management so you don't have to manage multiple vendors.

Personalised Experience

Get equipment delivered in Australia or overseas at a time that suits you best. We also support flexible financial models so you can focus on developing your business.

Right Partner

Our solutions are developed and delivered by certified people backed by over 20 years experience within the industry to help you achieve the outcomes you want.

Value-driven Partnership

NTT ICT is a Global Strategic Partner and Platinum-certified Partner of Aruba.

As a Platinum HPE Partner, we work closely with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba to provide our customers with simpler, more secure networks that help move businesses faster than ever before.

NTT ICT offers a complete range of Aruba products and services and we complement these with an extensive range of managed services, systems integration, enterprise application and consultancy services. We also provide solutions in the areas of IP communications, security, unified communications, contact centre, data centre, wireless and mobility.

The strength of our relationship won 2015 Aruba Wired Partner of the Year.

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